Wouter Van Belle - Wow & Flutter out on double vinyl & cd

Wouter Van Belle

Rooted in Flanders' great-Mechelen area, Belgian producer, arranger, composer and musician Wouter Van Belle has worked in studios in Memphis, London, Brussels and Paris. He has produced several chart toppers in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada.
Over the last two decades, Wouter has produced radio classics in Flemish, French and English in these three countries. Artists like Axelle Red, Wigbert, Noordkaap, Gorky, Las, Novastar, Flip Kowlier, Yevgueni and Racoon recorded some if not all of their commercially most successful and critically most acclaimed albums with Wouter as a producer. Drawing from his own broad musical interest and using his hands-on talents he has successfully crafted soul, reggae, folk, rock, dance and speedmetal albums.
Wouter Van Belle owns Powertone Publishing, and is founder and share holder in the Petrol Music label.

Wouter has a Music diploma from the Mechelen Conservatorium, graduated as an Assistant at the Rits department of the Brussels Erasmushogeschool and has an MA in Music and Music Production from the Gent Hogeschool. 

1994 Zamu Award for best producer,
2000 Zamu best album: Novastar - Novastar
2001 Zamu best album Ocharme ik - Flip Kowlier,
2008 MIA Audience Award for best world music act - Laïs
1999 Victoire de la Musique: Female artist of the year - Axelle Red
2011 Edison Prize for album Liverpool Rain - Racoon
2012 3FM Awards for Best single - No Mercy - and Best Album -Liverpool Rain.
2012 Buma/Stemra: Racoon - Gouden Harp
2012 Popprijs: Racoon
2013 3FM Awards: Racoon for Best Pop Artist, Best Band, Beste Single - Oceaan

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Part 1
Sound on sound recording
1988-1990 the early years as a studio technician and a mixer 
The early 90s: take off as a producer 

Part 2
1993-99 international breakthrough with Axelle Red

Part 3
1998-2002 Dead Man Ray
1998 Becoming independent with a 'Welgemeende (fuck you)

Part 4
2005 Wow & Flutter, the double solo debut
2011 Dutch success with Racoon

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