Wouter Van Belle - Wow & Flutter out on double vinyl & cd


1. Toveren
2. Maan
3. Groove
4. Comfort
5. Eiland Bambix
6. Piano op 1 nacht
1. Koningin Waltz
2. Funky Funky part 1
3. Sterker...
4. Zon-Zon
5. Rock ’n Roll
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1. Railway
2. Kieslowski
3. Pacific    | video |
4. Myriam
5. Wat ga ik doen?
6. End
1. Parlando
2. SM. Koningin
3. Engelse Les
4. 1 Keer
5. Alles wat je wil!
Wouter Van Belle - Wow & Flutter double  cd
Sleeve photographs Front: Peter Obbels - inside: Jef Van Belle - backside: Unknown
Artwork pre press: Sarah Wouters
Artwork: Daan Stuyven
Wouter Van Belle - Wow & Flutter double cd
London Chamber Orchestra
Violin - Christopher Warren-Green Concertmaster, Annelisse Bezrodny, Miranda Dale, Manon Derome, Rosemary Furniss... click for full details

Orchestra and Choir arranged and conducted by Andrew Powell

Pre mastering & vocal coaching: Hans Jaspers
Mastering and Cutting by Tim Young at Metropolis London
‘Vinyl’ supervisor: Paul Van Der Jonckheid, Foon Lier

Co-produced by Peter Obbels and Marc Bonne
Produced by Wouter Van Belle

Publishing: Copyright control

P&C: 1972-2005 Wouter Van Belle / Powertone NV

Preproduction recording on: Dictaphones, Teac A3440 4-track, Akai 2-track deck, Philips tape deck with ‘multiplay’, Nagra SN, Sony DSR PD1 camera, Yamaha 4-track K7 deck, Hitachi K7 Deck, Akai S900 and Emu3 Sampler: Wouter Van Belle
Recording and editing on Studer A80 8-track analog recorder, Studer A800 24-track analog tape, Studer A800 16-Track analog tape,Otari Mtr100, Otari MX80, DAW’s: Peter Obbels, Wouter Van Belle, Arthur De Kegel, Yannic Fonderie, Marc Bonne, Studio Powertone Haacht

Orchestra and Choir Recording: Jon Kelly at Abbey Road studios, London
Assistants in Abbey Road: Peter Obbels, Meric Styles, Arthur De Kegel
Mix: Jon Kelly, Studio Fabulous, and Astoria Studio

Piano tuning by Ronny Delwiche
© powertone